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By Coaches and Players


Before meeting Don Brosseau, I had not played tennis for 8 years due to severe tennis elbow and bursitis, Don rebuilt my entire game from the bottom up. Through his thorough knowledge of how the body works AND his ability to communicate to me the correct way to play, I am not only playing the best tennis of my life, but I am playing pain free! Don is the rare teacher who not only cares about his students, but is also able to demonstrate and communicate the finer points of the game.

~ Fred Selden

Don Brosseau is a true student of the game. He's also an impressively thorough, organized, and effective professional who would without a doubt provide conscientious and caring instruction.

~ James Grabb

Patience, Persistence, Dedication, Passion. Those are 4 words that essentially sum up Don Brosseau as a tennis coach. When I started lessons with him over 2 years ago I began as a player who won off of sheer competitiveness and grit in order to make up for my flaws in my strokes. However during my time being coached by him, he has worked endlessly and tirelessly in order to get me to the level I am today. He has done so by using what some may call nontraditional methods. From the Twins (ball machines), the high nets, weighted racquet's, uppercut forehands, and his famous serving drills I have been transformed into a completely different player. It his dedication to his work that has gotten me to the point where most of my previous bad habits have almost been completely erased. It is because of him that I have fulfilled my aspiration of being part of a top collegiate team. As a member of the Emory Eagles next year, I can with great comfort say that a great percentage of the success I will experience, and have experienced, is because of him. Don's love for the sport is transcended in his teaching each and everyday. He is a coach who will make sure that every minute on the court counts, and will do whatever is in his power to help you reach your full potential. Don Brosseau truly is an incredible coach, and an incredible person as well. After one lesson with him you will experience a sense of excitement that will have you coming back for more. As his student, I can with great comfort say that you will improve your game tremendously. So go on and take that first lesson, you won't regret it.
~ Daniel Weingarten
I have been playing tennis for more than 35 years. I have competed in numerous ATP events including the US Open.Don Brosseau has coached me since I began playing the game and I can honestly say that he is the best coach that i have ever worked with. I credit Don with lifting my game from an average college player to someone who could compete at an international level. 
~ Jon Molin
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