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Private or Semi-Private, Groups, Off-Site and Kids

Private Lessons

I primarily teach private lessons, working one-on-one with my student.  I work a lot with my ball machines, The Global Tennis Teaching System (you can see more about the GTTS at  It is designed for working with advanced players, but it is also a great advantage to have this equipment when working with players of any level, even if it is a little bit of overkill.  I also utilize video analysis to help the student understand what we are working on.  Some people are visual learners and need to see what they are doing and what is desired of them; others are more verbal; and some just need to have a chance to work it out by feel.  Everyone is a little different.  I like to use all manner of RubeGoldbergian contraptions to try and get my point across and get my students to make progress.  I was old enough (14) when I started to play to understand how difficult the learning process is and I do everything I can to make that process a little easier.  But no matter what, it is going to take a lot of reps and a lot of effort for you to play this game.  I can show you how, but it's going to be up to you to do the work.

Bring a towel and a drink; you are going to break a sweat.

Private lessons with me at Griffith Park are currently $100/hour and  $145/hour and a half.

Semi-Private Lessons

A lot of people like to split their lessons with a friend.  This is fine up to a point.  It's helps a lot to go through this experience with someone you can practice with.  The machines help me to work with 2 people at once.  Unfortunately, everyone is a little different and they are rarely at the same place in development of their tennis skills; on top of that everyone progresses at different rates.  So I often start people out together in a 90 minute semiprivate lesson, but after a few lessons, I like to split them up into separate 45 minute sessions so I can work with each on the specifics that are appropriate for that person.

Semi-private lessons are currently $110/hour ($55/person) or $160/90 minutes ($80/person).

Group Lessons

I don't have any current group lessons, it have your own group for whom you would like to arrange lessons on a regular basis, contact me and I will put together a package for you.

Lessons on Your Home Court

I can do off-site lessons, but I need easy access to your court to get my machines out of my van and roll them to your court.  There is a 1 1/2 hour minimum and a small charge for travel time($20 + $.50/mile from Griffith Park).  The basic rate is $125/hour for lessons on your court.

Kids?  When Should They Start Lessons?

Kids can start playing as early as 4 or even 3 years old, but the key word there is PLAYing!  Get some of the Red/Orange/Green equipment so they can play on a court that is the right size for them.  I don't think it is worthwhile to spend $100/hour or even $55/half-hour for private lessons for 5 year-olds who are just trying to learn basic coordination.  Get them in groups for instruction until they are a little older.  But understand that they will not develop any skills unless they practice at least 2 or 3 times a week.  Parents need to be willing to spend that time on the court with their child if they really want them to learn.  Or hire a local high school tennis player to do it for you.  However, the child has to want to play.  If you make it a chore, they will end up hating tennis forever.

On the other hand, some of the most satisfying work I've done on the court the last few years was taking a 9 year-old who was ranked 20 in Southern California to #1 and a Sectional Championship in the 10's in 15 months.  That young lady earned a scholarship to USC worth over $200,000!

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