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Buy 2 PGM's with 2 Replacements for the Top Piece and you will be set for 100's of hours of practice at the range with your friend/spouse/or child without all the damage to your elbows. wrists and shoulders that hitting so many balls on range mats can often involve.

2 PGM's plus 2 extra Top Pieces w/Elastic

SKU: 006
$119.90 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price
  • 2 PGM's($79.90 list price) with 2 replacement pieces($36 list price) will allow you to hit tens of thousands of balls at the range without developing the tendinitis so common with practicing on range mats.  Shipping is also included in the initial price of $119.90 which is reduced to $85, a savings of almost $35.

currently purchases only available through Amazon

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